Edunet Learning Services Hosts Android App Development Workshop

Edunet Learning Services was recently spotted at the UPTU Inter-College Festival. This leading industrial and software training institute was one of the sponsors of this festival, which was attended by all students of the UPTU Colleges in Noida as well as Greater Noida.

The institute’s workshop won a lot of accolades and many participants found the workshop’s duration and content extremely useful and beneficial. Majority of participants were students from various UPTU Colleges but even software engineers looking to enhance their skills and knowledge enrolled for the workshop.

Training Engineers of Tomorrow

The workshop was designed to help UPTU College students learn and understand theoretical as well as technical concepts related to Android application development. The workshop was conducted over a period of 4 days and each day had one session of 2 hours.

The workshop provided each participant with a Globally accepted certification to show they successfully participated in it. In addition, registered students and others received a wide range of study material, tutorials, learning kits, presentations and ebooks on Android app development.

“We, at Edunet Learning, firmly believe making our country’s engineers ready for the industry,” said a top executive from Edunet Learning Services. “Today, there is a dearth of skilled and trained engineers who are industry-ready when they leave college. Our aim is to prepare these engineers at college level to meet the requirements of the industry.”

The Android App Development workshop was delivered by renowned industry experts and experienced professionals to ensure students and participants get up-to-date knowledge and expertise.

Learning with a Difference

“Our motto is Learning by Doing Approach,” stated Edunet Learning Services’ trainer. “We lay a lot of emphasis on practical learning rather than theoretical learning. This is the reason our student engineers are highly skilled and knowledgeable.”

Edunet Learning Services uses innovative teaching methodology to offer fresh engineers project-based and practical knowledge so that the moment they finish their training programme, they are ready for the industry. This serves dual purpose – industries and organizations don’t have to spend money on training the engineers and the engineers in turn are ready to take up projects and tasks in the world of Android app development without feeling overwhelmed or lacking required knowledge, skills and abilities.

Edunet Learning training programmes are designed to meet the needs of the industry as well as students. That is why the programs offer 75 percent practical and hands-on learning while the remaining 25 percent consists of lectures, seminars and assessment sessions. Engineers are assigned real-time projects that help facilitators evaluate their technical knowledge, ability to think out-of-the-box, problem solving skills and other skills that they would need to become successful software engineers.

“We collaborate with organizations to ensure guaranteed placement to our engineers,” the executive added further.

More About the Institute:

Edunet Learning Services offers training programmes in Noida, Rishikesh, Haridwar, Mussoorie, Roorkee and Dehradun. The institute has designed international standard course curriculum that offers project-based learning to make students confident and adept software engineers.


Edunet Learning Services

3rd Floor, B-16, Sector-16,

Near SBI Noida 16 Branch,

Noida (U.P) 201301,


Phone: 0120-2510119, +91 9650001846


Netcomm Labs – leading the e-commerce revolution with its pioneering technology

With a rich legacy of successfully partnering with leading retailers to deliver e-commerce sites that has helped them multiply their reach and revenue manifold, Netcomm Labs has truly been the vanguard of the e-commerce revolution in India.   The success of any e-commerce website hinges on the overall experience of the consumer while shopping at the site.  This could include factors like ease of searching, shopping cart, payment gateway and page loading among other features. Aesthetics also play a big role in overall impact a site has on a customer and how inclined is a customer to revisit the site for more purchases as well as to spread positive word of mouth.


The superlative team of specialist e-commerce designers and developers at Netcomm Labs ensure that they understand the client requirement in detail and undertake a detailed study of the target consumers before building a prototype of the site. This detailed analysis of the target consumers which includes studying buying behavior, demographics, intrinsic motivators, influencers etc is what sets Netcomm Labs apart from others. Netcomm specializes in designing extremely user friendly, cost-effective e-commerce platforms with fast turnaround times. Satisfied clients who have benefited both in terms of bottom line and top line from Netcomm Labs ecommerce solutions include Dabur, Havells to name a few. The bar has been set high by Netcomm Labs in terms of positive consumer experiences

Netcomm Labs has built considerable expertise across e-commerce platforms and solutions to cater to a wide range of online retail services including fashion, auctions, real estate and rental services as well online takeout services. Advanced features allow retailers to promote their goods and services online through gifts and vouchers. Retailers can also provide business listings as well as provide a marketplace experience to customers by using specialized customized services of Netcomm Labs. All e-commerce solutions from Netcomm Labs are based on a Core CMS framework with open source CMS to provide highly optimized, fast loading ecommerce sites to retailers and consumers.

“The use of advanced technology to develop ecommerce platforms are what make Netcomm Labs one of the most sought after organizations for e-commerce solutions.” a senior company resource was quoted as saying. Its latest offering, Online shopping card embedded portfolio has been developed using software like Asp.Net and PHP. Other advanced features include providing every registered user with access to be able to edit or create as well as publish web content of any nature including client testimonials, web pages, newsletters etc.