Top 5 Reasons to Choose React Native for Your Mobile App

Developed by Facebook React Native is an open-source Javascript framework that has completely revolutionized app development. This has become one of the most adopted technologies by famous and big companies such as Microsoft, Skype, Instagram, Uber eats, and others. React Native enables you to create a native app for iOS and Android with a shared code base which is a tremendous advantage in developing any app.

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Here are the benefits:-

Saves time and money

React native helps to save time and money. With this, you can ensure fewer costs, reduced overhead costs and efforts without compromising on the quality of your app. The maintenance costs associated are also low which is highly beneficial

Faster app updates in future

Microsoft’s technology code push is available for React Native and helps to instantly deploy app updates or any other improvements needed. Also, with CodePush the company may also distribute the new updates partially to the audience (eg. 30% or 50% of the total audience). This helps to get feedback before you proceed to deliver to others.

Rich user interface

React Native helps to provide the end-users with a great user interface as it has impressive pre-built components, such as Button, Picker, Slider, Switch, etc. You may also opt for creating new components using TouchableNativeFeedback & Touchable Opacity

Third-party plugin

Another added benefit is that you can go for third-party plug-in support. So, you can easily integrate any third-party plug-ins and API into your app to make it more user-friendly and high on utility. This makes React Native a completely must-try option when developing the app

You must consider React native as it has a plethora of benefits that you don’t want to miss. Also, when considering a mobile app Development Company in Noida, Delhi/NCR, or anywhere else it’s best to select a renowned and accomplished company only.

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