New Logo Announcement: Netcomm Labs launched Its New Logo on 23rd July 2021

Netcomm Labs has announced the launch of its new company logo as part of the ongoing evolution of the brand’s newly redesigned website which is now easier to navigate, faster, and more intuitive with the best services.

The vibrant color scheme used in the logo design – Blue, White, and Grey have been used to create the impression of a whirling cycle that denotes ongoing dynamism.  The use of the color ‘blue’ at the start indicates the transformation that the brand is focusing on. The new logo aligns with a more modern look and captures the mission to deliver excellent quality and performance across the services.

New Logo launched

The new website and brand identity reflect the bold, energetic, and forward-looking culture of the team and are designed to inspire and further elevate to continue to providing quality value to the partners.

Experience the new, your destination for all technological and automation requirements across the Digital, Web, and Mobile medium!

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