Things to keep in mind when selecting colours for your app design

The app that you like and prefer using the most is nothing but a combination of excellent functionality, usability, perfect UI, UX and great aesthetics. All the elements of an app should be curated that meets the expectations of your users. Whether you want to increase the footfall or boost the surfing time on your app, it should be engaging enough. One such element to achieve this is via a great colour scheme. You can onboard Netcomm Labs, the best app development company in Delhi, NCR & India that provides assured and high-quality app design and development services.

Here are the things to keep in mind

Colours should match the app icon colours

The overall layout, notifications, navigation etc should be almost similar to the colours of the app icon. This parallelism is important to create a brand persona and you shouldn’t miss this one. The best mobile app development company in Delhi NCR and India can do it for you.

Consider the category of the app

The category of the app will be a highly influential factor in deciding the colour scheme of your app. Choose a monochromatic colour for decor, red for food, pink for makeup, and so on. You need the help of the leading mobile app development company in Noida, Delhi & India to get it right

Different shades for non-interactive & interactive elements

If the same shades and colours are chosen for interactive and non-interactive elements then it will give an outdated look to your app. Make sure to choose suitable colours for which you can contact top mobile app company in Noida, Delhi and India

Keep in mind contrast ratio

The contrast ratio plays a big role in ensuring the app is readable and comprehensible. Having a good ratio of contrast will also ensure app accessibility is on point. You can incorporate this by consulting the leading mobile app development company in Noida, Delhi and India.

All these factors will help you to ensure your app is pleasing to use. Remember that user experience is the most essential thing and before your app goes live, your UI & UX should be up to the mark in every way.

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