What is it with the Augmented Reality and Mobile App Development ?

Augmented Reality is quite a buzzword these days.

Augmented Reality or an AR is a technology which creates an artificial environment by super imposing the computer generated information/environment into the real world/environment.

In simple words, it just augments our current reality by adding components like sound, image, motion, etc. in context to the environment.

AR is not a new term but it took the world by storm with Pokémon Go- a successful mobile AR app. Since then it has been gaining a lot of media attention and is perceived to be a promising future market. This app proved that people are now thriving and ready for such changes.

AR technology is basically developed into applications and used on mobile devices to blend digital components into the real world such that they supplement each other. With the recognition of AR’s potential, many businesses are transforming the market by forging to build innovative Mobile Applications. Just as seen in some sci-fi movies, AR apps have captured the interest of the world’s media through various fields like gaming, tourism, retail, shopping, etc. and is becoming a huge market juggernaut.

AR has paved new scope for the creative app developers to find ways to utilize this reality in the demanded market fields. The industries are gaining a lot of profit from this reality technology. Companies and Applications such as Lenskart, Kickball AR Soccer, IKEA, Caratlane, Layar, Wikitude, etc., all have adopted the AR technology and have garnered popularity. Not only to the existing industries, but AR has also laid path for many new and emerging concepts and tools like the virtual reality.

The evolution of AR has caused a drift in the real world. Various industries and startups are now using AR to build innovative Mobile Applications. Pokémon Go was just an inception. The technology is said to alter the reality and experience of mobile apps.

Along with Facebook’s Augmented Reality glasses and Google’s glasses becoming mainstream, AR is the next big thing which is ready to cause paradigm shift in the field of mobile app development.

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