Top proven strategies that can help you to increase your app reviews

Reviews, ratings and feedback are integral in setting the value of your app and in creating a perception of how people would view it. Without research, nobody is likely to go and purchase your product or service. In this competitive time, it’s necessary to stand out and this is only possible if you have people supporting your services via positive reviews. The following strategies will help you to gather App reviews in good amount and make the most of them. Also, Netcomm Labs is the most reliable and the best mobile app development company in Noida & India and you can onboard this company to get help in entire app development and marketing.


Here are the best strategies

Provide direct links

You can provide a direct link to the feedback page of your app on your website, and social media accounts. This will help customers to instantly & directly write reviews without any hassles. The top mobile app company in Noida & India can help with it.

Leverage email marketing

Here all you need to do is send emails to your new and former customers and ask them to leave a review. You can add a quick link so they can simply click on it to write a review. With the help of the best mobile app development company in Delhi NCR & India, you can achieve it.

Go for in-app feedback pop-ups

You need to ask the leading mobile app development company in Noida for feedback boxes or pop-ups. This is an easy, direct and smart way of asking your visitors to give their ratings and reviews without having to go to another webpage or playstore.

Offer incentives on reviews

Offering incentives is also an excellent way to receive feedback from maximum visitors or customers. You can give discounts, deals and concessions in exchange for reviews written by the customers. The top app development company in Delhi & India can assist with it.

All the above-mentioned ways can help you to receive reviews back to back and gather some valuable insights into your products and services from the customers. So make sure to consider these ways as it will help you to go a long way.

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